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HCT presents 2 original one-act plays

A Matter of Life or Death    --and --    Pass the Ectoplasm

Performances will be held in the theater at Calumet College, 2400 New York Avenue, in Whiting, Indiana.

PRODUCTION DATES: June 19*, 20*, 26 and 27, 2009 at 8:00pm with a Matinee on Saturday, June 27 at 2:00pm
*Fathers Day Weekend

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"Life, Death, and Ectoplasm", two original one act plays by two writers originally from the region.

•"A Matter of Life or Death", by Carol Costa
Directed by Andrea Creasbaum

Synopsis:  The star of a daytime drama, LOVE AND HATE, learns that his character is to be killed off the show.  The actor’s efforts to save his job result in some unusual plot twists for LOVE AND HATE, and some real-life complications for everyone connected with the show.

Cast of Characters:

Rich Wotkun as             Greg Harrison
Eric McCann as             Mark Norris
Rip Johnson as              Tony Thomas
Bonnie Johnson as         Laura Thomas
Kevin Meece as             Chris Barnes
Linda Didelot as            Julie Gardner
Cristina Schmal as            Emily Juergens

•"Pass the Extoplasm", by Gloria McMillan  
Directed by C. Dale Kelley

Synopsis:  When Harbor City medium, Madam du Fee, gets her ectoplasm crossed and calls up a recently “bumped off” gambler instead of a famed movie star, there’s trouble.  The spirit gives partial hints as to his murderer in the local mob.  Can intrepid sleuth and matchmaker, Agatha Dubinsky, solve the heinous crime?

Cast of Characters:

Bonnie Johnson as         Madame Du Fee
Kim Bernstein as            Agatha Dubinsky
Cristina Schmal as         Florence Schmedke
Eric McCann as             Homer Entwhistle
Rip Johnson as              Rondo Matush

For more information contact the Directors at andrealyn28@gmail.com (Andrea), or cdale52253@aol.com (Dale).

Performed in the black box theater of Calumet College, second floor.
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Directions to Calumet College:
Watch for green Calumet College signs.
Go north on Calumet Avenue, to 129th Street. (first intersection north of Cline Avenue) turn right (east). There is road construction, but the road is open in both directions. Continue east about a half mile, to the first intersection, New York Avenue. Turn left (north) proceed about 6 blocks. Calumet College is on the left (west), park in back of school. Enter at doors, turn right, go up stairs, turn right again to the black box theater.

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