Play On!
a comedy by Rick Abbot
Produced by Hammond Community Theatre
Directed by Andrea Creasbaum

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Gerry- Jennifer Stevens
Algy-  Mike "Wolfie" Novakovich
Louise- Christine Gomez
Phyllis-  Hillary J. King
Billy-  Thomas Prue
Violet- Kristen Rodriguez
Polly- Dawn Baldwin
Henry- Michael "Doc" Kuhn
Saul-  Rip Johnson
Smitty- Erin Haney

Performances:  November 14, 15, 21 and 22- 8 PM (NOTE: two shows on the 22nd, 2 and 8 PM)

Performances at:  The Black Box Theatre at Calumet College of St. Joseph, Hammond, IN

Show Synopsis:  Ever been in that show that you KNEW was going to implode on opening night?  This comedy is about a theatre company trying to produce a new play by a local playwright.  However, the playwright keeps revising the script, up to opening night.  The actors are bad, the script is bad, and the props have a tendency to end up in the audience.  If you ever wanted to try out your bad English accent, play a really bad actor really well or just have a fun time in a silly comedy, come out and audition for Play On!

Performed in the black box theater of Calumet College, second floor.

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Directions to Calumet College:
Watch for green Calumet College signs.
Go north on Calumet Avenue, to 129th Street. (first intersection north of Cline Avenue) turn right (east). There is road construction, but the road is open in both directions. Continue east about a half mile, to the first intersection, New York Avenue. Turn left (north) proceed about 6 blocks. Calumet College is on the left (west), park in back of school. Enter at doors, turn right, go up stairs, turn right again to the black box theater.

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